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Nigeria, where the sect operates, now occupies the 4
position on the Global Terrorism Index preceded only
by Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Terrorist group Boko Haram has been classified as the
fourth most dangerous in the world according to
statistics released by the Australia and US-based
Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).
Nigeria, where the sect operates, now occupies the 4
position on the Global Terrorism Index preceded only by
Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
According to the statistics, two thirds of the terrorist
attacks carried out in the world occurred in Iraq, Syria,
Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.
These attacks were carried out by only four militant
groups; Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, (ISIS) also
known as ISIL, the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban ,
transnational al Qaeda -affiliated networks and Boko
“There is no doubt it is a growing problem. The causes
are complex but the four groups responsible for most of
the deaths all have their roots in fundamentalist Islam,”
IEP founder Steve Killelea said.
7 key points from the 2014 Global Terrorism Index are:
1. In 2013, 66% of all fatalities from claimed terrorist
attacks were caused by four terrorist groups: the
Taliban, Boko Haram , ISIL and al-Qa’ida. The primary
targets of terrorist attacks are citizens and private
2. 17,958 people were killed in terrorist attacks last year,
that’s 61% more than the previous year.
3. 82% of all deaths from terrorist attacks occur in just 5
countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and
4. More than 90% of all terrorist attacks occur in countries
that have gross human rights violations.
5. Iraq is the country most impacted by terrorism; last
year there were 2,492 terrorist attacks in Iraq which
killed 6,362 people.
6. Most terrorist attacks use explosives; since 2000 only
5% were suicide attacks.
7. Since the 1960s, 83% of terrorist organisations that
ended, ceased to operate due to policing or
politicisation. Only 7% ended due to military

Credits: Jola Sotubo

Indianara Carvalho's butt beat 27 other women's butt
to win the 2014 Miss BumBum Brazil contest. The
pageant held yesterday in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The winner
from Santa Catarina state, got about $2k in cash and
$23k in modelling contracts. See photos from the
pageant below...

Source: LIBS

Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images 

: just got news that Kim and Kanye just put up their NEW HOUSE up for sale. No, not that fixer upper that they were building way back when . . . we're talking about the house they just bought. Here is the report from Business Insider:
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are selling the 8,000-square-foot French country-style home they purchased for a reported $19.75 million in August, Curbed LA reports.
The mansion just reappeared on real estate listing site Zillow with a $19.99 million price tag.
The home, which was formerly owned by Lisa Marie Presley, includes eight bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, two swimming pools, two spas, and even a vineyard on its three acre property.
Usually when a couple puts up a home, especially one they JUST RECENTLY BOUGHT, that means they're ready to call it quits.

As Culled From

As Reported By LindaIkeji:

Liuetenant A. Mudassir (Mudex) was killed by Boko Haram militants yesterday November 16th. He and members of his troop were on their way to reclaim Chibok from Boko Haram when they were ambushed and was killed during the ensuing gun battle.

He was a 59RC gentleman officer from the Nigerian defence academy. His bereaved friend, AS Aruwa shared his photos on twitter.

Report reaching us that Former US soldier and aid worker Peter Kassig has been beheaded by ISIS has been confirmed by The US government in a statement today after reviewing a video ISIS released that purported to show the beheading. The 26 year old Indianapolis man was captured in eastern Syria on Oct. 1, 2013, while delivering relief supplies for the aid group he founded.

This will make it the 5th foreigner ISIS has beheaded so far!
May God Help Us.....

Cossy partied at Caliente nightclub and in her words The
very first time I stepped out bra less… Hmmmm got
pips freaked out. Hahhahahh oh dear… Then I got bitten
by the Egyptian vampire… Hahahha this boobs are
simply amazing….bra less… last night To those hoping
to see nipples.. better luck next time..She had them well
covered.. lol, I was hoping to see them too.


A video was yesterday evening released online by the
dreaded Boko haram sect.
In the video. the man who has come to be regarded by
the general public as Abubakar Shekau confirmed the
fact that no truce or cease fire has been agreed upon
between the sect and the Nigerian government.
Shekau (or Damashka or whatever his name really is)
in the video clears all doubts as to whether he is alive
or not, confirming that the news about his 'fake' death
was all propaganda.
Although the video is yet to be made public, A
Premium Times reporter was able to translate the
video into English. Read transcript after the cut:
His speech was translated to English by our reporter,
Ola Audu. Read below:
“Without wasting time, we hereby send a message
to the tyrants of Nigeria and other infidels as well
as their world tyrants as a whole in Hausa
“You people should understand that we only obey
Allah, we tread the path of the Prophet. We hope
to die on this path and get eternal rest in our
graves, rise up in bliss before our Lord and enter
Paradise (quotes from the Koran). Our goal is the
Garden of Eternal Bliss. May Allah protect us.
“Oh you followers of constitution, have you
forgotten your laws? Since the time we were
preaching in Maiduguri, in your constitution in
Section 8, verse (paragraph) 2 to 3, in your
accursed book called Constitution, which became
law for those who are not fair to themselves on
“You shamelessly declared in your radio and
newspapers that you were fighting those
determined to establish an Islamic state.
“Because of that constitution that barred us from
preaching in Maiduguri, we moved out and
migrated as Allah ordained (quoting from the
“Have you forgotten that? And it is you today
claiming we made truce with you? In what way
did we make truce? Which kind of negotiation,
with whom? That your Danladi, the infidel like
you, who we will not spare and will decapitate if
he falls into our hands today?
“Where do we know him, not to talk of him
representing us? Who is Danladi on this earth?
“Allah knows everything. Allah is witness (quoting
from the Koran).
“Therefore I tell you (that) we have not made
ceasefire with anyone. Only battle, hitting, striking
and killing with gun which we long for like tasty
meal. This what we believe in and fight for.
“Our goal is to see only Koran being followed on
earth. This is our focus.
“It is said Chadian President, Nigerian
ambassador, the people of Cameroon and us met
and agreed on a truce. How? Don’t you know we
are still holding your German hostage, always
crying. If we wish we hack him or slaughter him
or shoot him. We fear no one but Allah. This is
our job.
“When did we release Chibok schoolgirls that we
seized, those that Shekau who is now talking,
seized, brought them and kept them in the place
he chose for more than six months now.
“Allah has proved too difficult for the infidel, Allah
has proved too difficult for the tyrant, Allah has
proved too difficult for the United States, Allah
has proved too difficult for a plane called drone,
bastard. Allah has proved too difficult for
everyone. Allah is mightier than everyone.
“Surprisingly, if the women of Chibok, I mean the
mothers of the Chibok schoolgirls and their
fathers, if you know the condition your daughters
are in today it could lead some to convert to
Islam and some to die from grief.
“Don’t you know the over 200 Chibok schoolgirls
have converted to Islam? They have now
memorised two chapters of the Koran . They have
seen themselves in the Books of Luke and John
that Christians have corrupted the Bible. Girls
from Chibok confessing Islam is the true religion!
A six-grader, liars.
“We married them off. They are in their marital
homes. (Laughter)
“Fury upon fury. Shekau can infuriate. It is said
Shekau is leadership position. Which leadership?
Do you think we are practising traditional
monarchy? (Laughter). It is the same Shekau
whose father is Muhammadu, his son is
Muhammadu, his name is Abubakar. It is the
same Shekau, he is still the one. Shekau, eat the
heart of infidels since infidels want to disobey
“We did not negotiate with anyone. We did not
negotiate with anyone. We did not negotiate with
Chad. We did not negotiate with Cameroon. We
did not negotiate with Nigeria. We did not
negotiate with the Chadian ambassador. We did
not negotiate with Africa. We did not negotiate
with Asia. We did not negotiate with Europe. We
did not negotiate with America. We did not
negotiate with the United Nations.
“What is negotiation? We did not negotiate with
anyone. I t is a lie. It is a lie. We will not
negotiate. What is our business with negotiation?
Allah said we should not (quoting from the
“We follow the Koran. We will not be teased by
any infidel. Now you don’t know what to do, you
want to convince your leaders that are tired of
you, that have realised your lies, including your
Solomon Dalung, your Abdullahi Wase, your
Senator Ndume.
“They are tired of you, they have realised you are
deceiving them, you are playing with their
intelligence, you just want to protect your own
interests. It is bad for you.
“I’m only making this speech for those people
who want to convert to Islam. I don’t care
whatever you say. What is my business with you?
Allah is my focus. I left my parents’ home. I left
my mother and my father, I left my relations and
joined those who want to practise Islam (quoting
from the Koran). And you are trying to deceive
people with negotiation.
“I thank Allah. I started with knife and today I
have seized more than 20 of our armoured
vehicles, they are in my possession.
“It is said Shekau is a position. Bravo to you
Orator. Well done to you who studied in Israel.
Well done to you the expert in Psychology, well
done you expert in Biology, well done you believer
in ‘I pledge to Nigeria my country’. This is what
you said.
“You pledge to Nigeria your country. Right? Me,
me Shekau I pledge to Allah my God. If you don’t
know, today you will know.
“I pledge to Allah my God, to be faithful. This is
Shekau. Idiot like you!
“This is just my speech in brief.
“You should repent and turn to Allah and follow
the Koran. You should follow the Koran. You
should follow the Koran. You are so unfortunate
as to be preventing those who follow the Koran
obeying Allah. “It is a lie. It is a lie. Whoever
refuses to listen will be dealt with by Allah.”
I'm astonished but confused, but well, Do leave your comments.

as Culled from Moji Delano's Blog